Hello and welcome to the Perry (Lake County, Ohio) Band Boosters Official Website! We're so glad you stopped by and hope you are able to find what you need.  First are foremost the Band Boosters exist to support the Band Directors by providing them the people and resources to fully implement their vision for the program. If they have an idea for something, or need something to improve the program, we're on it!

Beyond that, we focus on what we call the 4 R's: Recruit, Remove, Retain, and Reward!

Recruit: Visit elementary and middle school events to encourage music participation and get them vested in the program.

Remove any barriers to participation. Specifically financial, but would work to coordinate transportation if needed. In short, if there's something preventing someone who wants to be a part of the band from doing so, we want to know about it, and will do our best to remove that barrier.

Retain: We hope to make the band experience as rewarding as possible and it is our goal that all underclassmen return for the following year.

Reward: Reward the efforts and results our our kids by providing them with parties and social opportunities throughout the year!